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October 2015

Falling into Contemplation


As Fall arrives and the leaves begin to turn and drop, I am transported back to my childhood adventures in the woods. Fall has always been my favorite season. There is something magical about watching the leaves fall and with every crunch of those leaves underfoot, it beckons me to be mindful of where I am headed.

Fall to me, is a time to contemplate my accomplishments and failures. I slow down, pull back on the reigns and just savor all the lessons that have come since last Fall. This time helps me prioritize my game plan and be conscious of my decisions.

My health and fitness choices in the last year have been varied. I have become more adept at feeling my emotions instead of eating them. And, have found better ways to traverse all those uncomfortable emotions; learning to use them as a spring board for physical and mental health. I was very surprised how super restrictive dieting does not work long term for me. And that portion control is really what my weight loss and maintenance success is based on. I learned a lot about prioritizing and scheduling training and what levels of dedication I could feasibly fit into my family lifestyle. And how to creatively utilize my environment for training.

The leaves falling are much like my health and fitness habits. By themselves, they seem small and insignificant. But over time, added together, they can be quite impressive. I still have some room for improvement, but I’m happy with the progress I have made. And, look forward to defining my next path on a long, leaf crunching walk.

One More Great Benefit of Eating Protein


This week, I discovered protein has a higher thermogenic effect than fat and carbohydrates. Thermogenesis is the caloric expenditure used to process foods. Fat and Carbohydrate require 5-15% of food calories to process, whereas Protein can be four times as much at 20-35%. This additional caloric deficit can be a welcome push on the road to weight loss.

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