Spotlight Gesundheit


January 2016

Kid Approved Black Bean Brownies


I have been giving cooking lessons to a neighbor’s daughter (and siblings when interested). We made a batch of these Black Bean Brownies and all the kids (even the pickiest) loved them!

The original recipe is gluten free, vegan and were meant to be cupcakes. However, we substituted 2 eggs, added coconut sprinkles on top and cooked them in a glass casserole dish.

They are divine!

Radon Imposed Alternate Training and Weight Update


Since last October, my weight training
has been on hold. The radon levels in the basement were double the EPA maximum safe limit. It has taken months to get 3 phases complete and although the radon levels are lower, they are not at an ideal low.

In the interim, I have been doing manual labor: landscaping, chain sawing trees, clearing brush, hauling and stacking fire wood, etc. I’m not in as good of shape as when I was weight training, but it’s a good compromise until the radon levels are satisfactory.

My weight has increased a bit due to indulging on holiday sweets. The colder weather is keeping me indoors more than I would like as well. I’ve been slowly incorporating weighing foods again to facilitate food logging and using my scale as a progress gauge. I’m confident I can get back where I need to be once my weight room is back in business.

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