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March 2016

Uneducated Belief


I want to share a phenomenon that really perturbs me: uneducated belief.

Beliefs are what we hold true and largely act as a screen play for our life.

Our beliefs impact those around us and color nearly every choice we make.

What happens when beliefs are not founded on a solid education?

An ignorant life path.

I challenge you to ask anyone why they hold certain beliefs.

I challenge you to ask yourself the same.

Then research the reasoning yourself.

If a belief is based on ignorance, it is incapable of promoting truth. And will deceive you and your world.

My hope is we all stop blindly believing what our friends, family, organizations, etc. do.

We must take the time and responsibility to personally educate ourselves about our beliefs and stop trusting our life paths to others!

Stop Following Someone Else’s Recipe for Happiness and Success


Growing up, I believed emulating someone who “made it” would give me a happy and successful life. I cannot express enough how much following someone else’s roadmap made me feel like a failure. My true self, my skills and values disappeared. I was not being authentic.

Here are some things I learned about myself after getting back to basics, becoming authentic and walking my own path:

I like variety a lot. If I get bored, I’m no longer interested. If I learn everything there is to know about a subject, I shelve it until a new facet piques my interest. I can’t be happy focusing on one subject or skill. I’m a high energy multitasker. Book work does not suit me unless it translates into action. Self help and how to dominate my bookshelves.

I’m not impulsive when it comes to spending my time and money. I’m hardwired to be cautious, contemplative and I do a lot of sound research before making time and money decisions.

My morals and ethics do not work on a sliding scale. In my world, right and wrong are black and white. No gray here.

I’m not a flashy person. I don’t buy things to impress others nor base my worth on things. All things fall out of fashion.

I like manual labor a lot. I like to toss and stack wood, garden, landscape, and do home improvement projects. I like the feeling of accomplishment after completing a project. I like feeling useful.

I like buying used clothes a lot. They are cheaper, preshrunk and if I get lucky, I can buy a new Season’s wardrobe for under $30. Who can haggle with jeans for $3? No one I know.

I thrive with a small group of great friends rather than lots of acquaintances. And my friends have to be honest, genuine, and engaged in order for the friendships to thrive.

I love hanging out with kids. I love teaching them new skills and I always learn something new in a gaggle of kids. Kids rock!

I’m good at finances. I like good quality at a reasonable price and I’m not afraid to negotiate. I’m also more apt to ask repair techs to teach me how to perform maintenance than rehire them for the same issue.

I’m a really great judge of character. I’ve gotten way better at sniffing out deception over the years. And, I don’t tolerate it.

I am not competitive. I don’t compete with anyone but me. I set my goals, timelines and acceptable performance guidelines.

I’m much happier, feel fulfilled and my self worth and confidence are at an all time high. I love life when I am me. And there is no one else I would rather be.

Have you been through a similar experience? Let me know how being your true self has enriched your life!

Growing Confident Children


Jumping from Winter weather right into Summer gave me a great opportunity to teach the neighborhood children gardening this week.

There is nothing like volunteering time to teach a mostly forgotten skill to the next generation.

How often do we hear parents tell their children to stay clean, get out of the mud or forbid playing in the dirt?

My husband heard a saying years ago that summarizes my view on kids and dirt (overlook the bad grammar): “God made dirt, so dirt don’t hurt.”

And boy did they get acquainted with dirt, seeds, sowing, mounding, spacing and what plants are symbiotic.

We planted Scarlet runner beans, whipple beans, celery, and a variety of lettuce. They asked to plant more so next on the list are tomatoes, more kale, and onions.

I look forward to watching the kids’ confidence grow with each new sprout, plant and fruit.

A Couple Short Videos by Dr. Greger Explaining New Data from Studies on GMO Crops and Roundup


Study findings are finally in on Roundup concentrations in GMO crop and their effects on the human body. Effects are much worse testing all components of Roundup vs. previous research using active ingredient only.

Please watch these two short videos for all the details:

Increase Productivity and Wealthy with IFTTT


Lack of follow through halts the greatest of plans. Thankfully, technology has consistently provided a buffer for less than stellar human performance. The IFTTT app is a great way to automate daily tasks, streamline productivity, and save time and money.

Take for example, our Honeywell wifi thermostat. Checking and changing the temperature level from our cell phones or lap top was a nifty feature. We hoped to save money by turning it down when away. But, remembering to turn the thermostat down was an elusive goal. I needed automated technology to maximize results.

Automation is where IFTTT excels. I created what the app calls a “recipe,” and IFTTT drops the thermostat to 65° when my cell phone disconnects from our wifi network and resumes normal schedule when reconnected: execution, efficiency, and savings on autopilot.

Their are hundreds of IFTTT recipe possibilities. Here are some more recipe examples:

– Upload photos to cloud storage.

– Log calls, texts, completed tasks, etc. on Google Calendar.

– Text contact an “I’m busy” message after missing a call.

– Turn lights on, start radio, open garage, etc. when arriving home.

– Time of day and location dictated volume settings.

– Notifications based on temperature, weather condition and uv parameters.

– Text contact before battery is drained.

And lots more!

You see, IFTTT can help us all by taking care of mundane details automatically; increasing efficiency, free time and money.

If You Have Kids, Nephews, Nieces or Work with Children, I Beg You to Watch This!

Teach Every Child About Food – Jamie Oliver

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