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April 2016

Lead Contamination in Foods (even Organic).

Really important! Video is under 5 minutes. Please watch. Additional lead related links in description section under video. Watch to learn the effects of lead exposure and bio-accumulation stats.

Think Twice about Advice


Last year I was urged to follow a high protein diet while weight training. I was told it was essential to hit my protein target to build muscle and maintain strength.

I ate copious amounts of eggs, dairy and meat trying to meet my protein goal. And over time, I became sluggish, tired and developed an aversion to meat, then eggs and finally dairy. And decided to cut them out all at once. Essentially, my high protein diet steered me into a 100% plant based diet.

I started looking into plant based nutrition and ran across Ray Cronise. He insisted protein recommendations were elevated due to an outdated model and a high protein diet could cause illnesses such as cancer (look up IGF1).

This was my sign to stop obsessing over grams of protein. But, I continued tracking my food intake.

After compiling long term data, I noticed my protein intake dove to around 35% of my previous high protein quota. All with no discernible difference in my strength or endurance.

I was thoroughly surprised. And I now have to admit, I fell headlong into the high protein promise of enhanced endurance and strength. But, there is nothing to support that assertion from my side of the fence.

I learned a huge lesson. I no longer follow advice without fact checking scientific and medical data. Misinformed advice can be turned into an informed decision with the right research. It just takes effort.

Who is wise? The one who learns from every person…   Ben Zoma (Talmud – Avot 4:1)


When I was earning my B.A., I would make sandwiches in exchange for a homeless person’s life story. In my University days, I was fascinated with education level not equating to success in life.

I can tell you without a doubt, sitting down with what most people would consider losers in the game life, gave me more insight into succeeding in my own life than any course I paid for. All I had to do is be open to the value of their life lessons.

A lot of these people got hit by crippling circumstances at the job level, home life and health. But one characteristic was apparent in all homeless I was honored to share a meal with: They were immensely grateful for the small things: a bike, a blanket, an extra sandwich, words of encouragement, and acknowledgement of their worth as a human.

In exchange for opening my mind, pantry and schedule, I received huge tools to succeed in my own life in regards to personal finance, politics, survival strategies and how to stay positive in the face of adversity.

I beg you to eagerly learn from everyone. Everyone has a story and lessons to be learned. Open your mind, heart and schedule to learn from everyone.

Who is wise? The one who learns from every person…   Ben Zoma (Talmud – Avot 4:1

Vegan Diet Evaluation


When I decided to go 100% plant based, I cut out dairy, meat and eggs all at once. I used an app called Yummly to find vegan recipes in the first weeks, but now I’m in a groove.

I like super easy meals so a lot of my food is precooked or raw. One of my favorite dishes is hot black beans topped with cold, diced avocado and a little salt. For breakfast oatmeal is my go to. And for dinner lots of veggies with rice, bread, whole wheat past or another grain. I eat fruit and veggies throughout the day. My go to snack is pot popped popcorn in coconut oil and topped with salt.

What nutrition changes have you gone through or been interested in lately?

If you have any quick, wholesome plant based recipes or ideas, feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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