planet ice

Today we have the capability of connection at our fingertips. Technology has made connecting with the world a fundamental part of our day. We busy ourselves with Gmail, Hulu, YouTube, WordPress, The New York Times etc. to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around us. But, I want to steer the focus of education inward for a moment.

I hold the ideal we are all worlds of knowledge. We all have the capability to teach and impact those we connect with through our choices, opinions and deeds. As humans, we build our world by emulating, discounting and defending against the opinions and actions we encounter. Our lives are defined by our choices, opinions, and deeds.

And, if we are honest, we must admit the world we build around us is displayed for all who are willing to observe. We all possess the capability to be a beacon of light and love just as easily as darkness and hate.

We, however, can choose to cultivate compassion when we learn of atrocity in someone else’s far away world, we can fight indifference by buying a poor man a meal in exchange for his wisdom, instead of ignoring him while rushing to our morning latte, we can also defend ourselves against the elitist mentality which refuses to accept atrocity and living in destitution as a possibility in our own worlds.

Every thought we think, every word we speak, and every gesture we make, be it of love, indifference or hate is impacting someone’s world and has the potential to spread.

I beg you today, choose light, love, and compassion to build a world worth emulating.