Hi Everyone, it’s been a while. I thought I would do a short update on how my 100% plant based diet is going.

So first, my ability to whip something delicious and plant based out of thin air is a positive. Even the biggest meat eating family members comment on how good my cooking is and cannot believe it is plant based. It’s a skill that has to be practiced and honed with the help of cookbooks and the internet at first. But, much like anything else, practice gets you closer to perfect.

My body feels better than I did at 20. At 37, that is quite a feat. My complexion and skin in general is softer, more supple, radiant even, and almost everyone who guesses my age puts me in the 20’s range. What gal doesn’t like that!?

As far as my joints go, my previous injuries to my ankles no longer exist. The only injury I have any sign of is my knee which still crackles as bits of cartilage grind around my knee cap (lovely visual eh?) but it does not hurt even while running up stairs, which I find myself doing multiple times a day now. No aches, no pain, no problem.

I did an experiment and stopped weighing my food. I found that I naturally fluctuated 5lbs up or down on my plant based diet. Which, is a miracle considering how I was obese for decades of my life on a meat and dairy diet left unchecked. This diet doesn’t allow me to get out of control.

My energy level is amazing. I can stay up till 2am tinkering, go to bed, rise at 7am and run after my daughter all day without feeling worn out. I don’t have morning fog, post lunch sleepy head syndrome and the dreaded after dinner coma anymore. I can eat dinner and go straight out the door for a walk or run without feeling sluggish or sleepy.

All in all, going 100% plant based is the best move I have ever made for my body and mind. I feel on top of my game more now than ever. And, as evidence based nutrition shows, I will live longer and endure less disease than non plant based eaters, which means I’ve got more time to utilize this amazing feeling!

If you’re considering going plant based or even lacto ovo vegetarian and you’re wondering where to start your journey, leave a comment and I’ll guide you to the nutritional advice and resources for cooking that helped me the most.

I want you to feel as fantastic as I do!